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If you thought the race to buy Chelsea was busy last week, with new offers coming in every day, you should see this week, where we’ve got updates every few hours.

Sky News’ Mark Kleinman is not one of the journalists we quote most often here, as his focus in on business rather than football, but he’s their top man for the sale process, and he’s just dropped a tasty Monday afternoon exclusive.

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He writes that Nick Candy – whose consortium bid is both the most populist and (no coincidence) the leakiest – has upped it’s bid for Chelsea in an attempt to keep pace with the monstrous American venture capital offers currently leading the way.

Candy claimed on Friday before the deadline for bids that his offer was more than £2bn, so it must really be reaching astronomical levels if it’s gone higher yet again.

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Bidders are expecting to be informed as soon as this evening if they’re on the shortlist, so this really is a final push from property developer and Chelsea fan Candy.

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