Chrisean Rock Admits To Physical Fight With Blueface’s Mother And Sister

Whew! The innanet was buzzing this past weekend as social media users kept up with the drama unfolding between Blueface, his mother and sister, and Chrisean Rock. From the looks of video footage and their social pages, a full-on brawl broke out where Chrisean admittedly handed Blueface’s mother Karlissa and sister Kali beatings.

Blueface’s Mother And Sister Accuse Him Of Physical Assualt

Fans first learned of the physical fight from social posts by Karlissa and Kali on Saturday. The mama kicked it off with a close-up video of an apparent blacked left eye. She then took to her Insta Story with a message writing about someone her son has around their family.

“AlI I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life, and that’s all that matters. Carry on,” Karlissa wrote. She added, “and neither will the police or the judge” in a separate post.

In the comment section below her eye post, Karlissa clarified the messages weren’t about her husband after insinuations by her followers. She wrote, “if it [were] my husband, he surely wouldn’t still be in my son’s house or restaurant today, so don’t play with me.”

Hours later, a post-and-delete video from Kali resurfaced. She openly blamed her brother for causing physical harm to her and their mother.

“Y’all deada** Blueface is a lame a** n***a,” Kali said. “The n***a deada** punched me and my mother in the face and the n***a is lame as f**k and gets no respect.”

Then, Karlissa took her daughter’s route and blasted her son. She wrote on Insta Story that she would “never forgive” him for “what [he] did” to his sister and her husband.

Chrisean Takes Responsibility For The Mother-Daughter Beatdown

Not too long after, Blueface took his own Instagram Story to clear up the allegations by his mother and sister. In a video recording of Chrisean laid out on a bathroom floor, she admits to putting hands on Karlissa and Kali. At the time, she expressed that the women gave her “no option.” Meanwhile, Blueface egged the commentary on from behind the camera, asking Rock why she beat his mother and sister up.

“I beat her up, but I’m not happy about it,” Chrisean said in reference to Blueface’s mother. He responded, “nah it’s nothing to be happy about.”

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After posting Chrisean’s confession, he got on camera with an almost sarcastic laugh as he continued to deny putting his hands on his family members.

“It’s crazy. They can’t just take their L and skate. They gotta play victim,” Blueface said.

Blueface also stated the police were called and determined neither he nor Chrisean were in the wrong. Then, multiple videos of the altercation began making their rounds. In one clip provided to The Shade Room, viewers can see Chrisean punching Kali as she lays on the ground at the end of Blueface’s home driveway. Kali’s husband appeared to be unconscious a few feet away from his wife.

Blueface’s Sister Says Multiple Men Jumped Her And Her Husband

The drama continued to unfold into the early hours of Sunday, with both Karlissa and Kali giving more details on what led up to the incident and how it turned out. In one lengthy post, Kalissa blasted her son. She insisted Blueface told Chrisean to attack her and that he punched his sister and husband “until they [were] hospitalized.”

“Jonathan, you need help and if I have enabled you in any way I will ask God for forgiveness. You brought that trash bag and her dog where I laid my head and paid rent through helping you build your business and I asked you more than 10 times to get her out my face and you sicked that girl on me like a vicious dog,” Karlissa wrote. “I never believed them about you, but now I see. You are the living devil that I got pregnant with after that abortion.”

Kali explained that “seven dudes,” including her brother Blueface, jumped her and her husband. She then accused Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, of paying people to post videos of the fight. Viewers can see pee stains on Kali’s gray one-piece in one clip. From her account, she was not present during the altercation between her mother and Chrisean. So, to defend her mom, Kali says she pulled up to Blueface’s house with her husband in tow.

“My husband dead a** tried to fight 7 men ad couldn’t help his wife cus they didn’t give af ran through his pockets and car, we got jump and robbed at my blood brother’s house and you let b***h jump on your mom like wtf is gangsta about it.”

She later explained that fighting multiple men wasn’t her plan when she arrived at her brother’s house.

“Fighting grown a** men wasn’t my plan, I just wanted the fade for her touching my mother. But you know that’s the life of a gangsta crip get beat by your own blood.”


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