The Chelsea player who made the most bookings without a yellow card

Chelsea have completed the 2021-2022 season, and we can finally look back on it all and think about what the numbers mean.

Of course we can all look at the goals and the assists like normal, but what else is out there?

FBRef have all the best stats, and one that caught our eye today was the yellow card figures.

One Blue stands out for being the one who completed by far the most minutes without getting a caution.

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Ben Chilwell made 9 starts in all competitions – playing 843 minutes – without picking up a caution.

Contrast that with Antonio Rudiger, who played 4,800 minutes and picked up 12, a rate of one every 400 minutes.

Two very different players, two very different styles…

Marcos Alonso, Chilwell’s replacement after he was injured, didn’t mess around making up for the England star. He racked up 9 cautions in 3535 minutes – narrowly beating Rudiger’s record with an impressive one every 392 minutes.

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