Pest Company Offers $2K To Release Cockroaches Into Homes

If you’re willing to do something strange for a piece of change, this cockroach experiment may be for you.

According to Business Insider, a pest control company out of North Carolina is looking for participants to allow them to place cockroaches inside of their homes.

The Pest Informer is looking for five to seven households that would release 100 American cockroaches into a house in exchange for $2,000 to conduct a cockroach treatment.

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On the company website, it states that cockroaches can be difficult to exterminate, so they are conducting a study to test a new technique.

In this study, we’re willing to pay homeowners $2,000 for us to release American Cockroaches into your home, and test out a specific pest control technique, to be able to gauge how effective this treatment is.

If you have an apartment, you don’t qualify. But if you’re a homeowner and/or get permission from your landlord, you may be able to participate. You must also live in the “Continental United States” and be at least 21-years-old.

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I mean, it could be extra gas and grocery money, right?

Roomies, y’all down?

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