Sky News: Manchester United to be Put Up for Sale by the Glazers

Sky News has reported that the Glazer family is preparing to “formally announce its intention to examine potential sources of outside investment that could include a full-blown auction of arguably the world’s most famous football club.”

If that sounds familiar, then yes, it’s because that’s what Fenway Sports Group announced at the start of the month. Now, I am no financial expert, but one would assume that a key selling point for the sale of Liverpool FC would be that a club of its stature is rarely ever on the market, making it a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Having Manchester United, one of the few clubs worth more than Liverpool, will impact that pitch and shrink an already small pool of buyers, who will probably go for whoever is cheaper.

It’s early days, but there will be more twists and turns left in this FSG attempt to sell Liverpool FC story.

Source: SBNation

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