Supporters of Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi allegedly attacked by hoodlums in Lagos State (Photos, Video)

Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Obi, a Nigerian businessman and politician who served as governor of Anambra state is currently holding his grand finale campaign rally at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos state.

Some supporters of Peter Obi, The presidential candidate of the Labour Party have alleged attacks by hoodlums in Lagos State as the standard bearer concludes his campaign with a rally in the state on Saturday.

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One of the major parties in the state and its presidential candidate was blamed for the attacks.

Videos and pictures shared on social media showed some individuals with bruises, as well as vandalised buses and cars purportedly deployed to transport supporters for the various events to be held by the party.

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One of the other major parties in the state and its presidential candidate was blamed for the attacks.

Photos below:

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An activist and Obi supporter, Rinu Oduala, said, “‘Obidients are bullies’. But one party is currently trying to prevent LP rally in Lagos by sponsoring attacks with thugs armed with machetes and guns. The wickedness of our ‘intellectuals and celebrities’ isn’t talked about enough.”

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Another tweeter, @anthonyabakporo, said it was sad to see that some thugs were attacking Obidients.

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“They just did at Jakande but we were able to get them to TBS, They are receiving treatment. Please signal us if you experience any difficulties. Don’t let notting (sic) stop you! Be here!,” he added.

For @iksunnygreat, victory is on the horizon as nothing good comes easy.

“Just look at the way thugs are attacking innocent folks and their cars/buses because of their support for a better Nigeria. Well, nothing good comes easy. We are too close to give up now Nigeria must be great,” he tweeted.

More tweets Below:

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