#BBNaijaAllStars: “I’m really worried about you” – Doyin speaks to Ike about his anger issues (video)

BBNaija Season Eight housemate Doyin David took a courageous step forward by approaching her colleague Ike Onyema to discuss his ongoing anger issues.

The heart-to-heart conversation underscored the importance of addressing emotional well-being and seeking professional help when needed.

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Doyin’s genuine concern for Ike’s well-being led her to initiate the candid conversation.

She expressed her observations about Ike’s tendency to become easily irritated and the apparent accumulation of emotional tension within him.

Doyin believed that the best course of action was to encourage Ike to seek assistance from a mental health professional.

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During their exchange, the week’s Head of House, Ike, remained receptive to Doyin’s concerns.

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Despite his initial dismissal of any problem, he lent her his ear, showing his willingness to engage in the discussion.

Doyin urged Ike to acknowledge his emotional struggles and consider the option of speaking with a professional for guidance and support.

In part of her words;

“I am genuinely worried about you. It looks like you’re going through a lot. If you’re not comfortable speaking to any housemate, you can tell Big Brother to get you help. The constant snapping is not a very normal behavior.”

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