Abia Govt Justifies Civil Service Reform to Foster Accountable Governance

Emmanuel Ugwu-Nwogo in Umuahia

The Abia State Government yesterday explained that its ongoing civil service reform was designed to engender a total break from the old way of doing things and usher in effective, transparent governance.

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Due Process, Dr Chibueze Ukaegbu justified the reform at a session with journalists in Umuahia, the Abia State capital.

Governor Alex Otti had inaugurated a nine-member reform committee, composed of individuals with diverse range of expertise, with Ukaegbu as the chairman.

Other members of the committee include the state’s Attorney General, Ikechukwu Uwanna; Commissioner for Science and Technology, Emmanuel Oriaku and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chinedu Ekeke.

The Committee is entrusted with the pivotal task of reviewing the existing civil service structure and the promotions carried out from 2007 to the present day, alongside other essential matters.

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At the session, Ukaegbu explained that the assembly of experienced professionals underscored the seriousness with which the committee’s mandate is being pursued. 

Ukaegbu explained that the governor’s decision to set up the committee stemmed from the recognition of the crucial role that a well-functioning civil service played in translating government policies into actionable outcomes.

According to him, a reformed civil service will contribute to the creation of a new Abia that caters to the needs of its populace.

He said Otti remained resolute in his decision “to run a government characterised by due process hence he has taken deliberate steps to make the civil service fall in tune with his vision.”

Ukaegbu re-echoed the governor’s emphasis that the committee was not set up for targeting individuals, but rather at creating a better civil service for the benefit of all.

By establishing the committee, Ukaegbu said Otti’s administration “is demonstrating transparency and accountability in addressing the issues within the civil service.

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“The committee’s mandate to review appointments, promotions, and dismissals from 2007 to the present day reflects a commitment to fair and equitable review.

“This process aims to ensure that decisions made in the past were in accordance with established procedures and that any inconsistencies or biases are identified and rectified.”

“In order to achieve the set goal, the committee was empowered to make appropriate recommendations to improve various aspects of the civil service, including attendance, discipline, and addressing pensioner concerns.

The chairman of the committee said that recommendations would be based on a thorough review of existing processes and practices.

“Considering recommendations is an integral part of the Due Process, as it ensures that decisions are informed by comprehensive analysis and input from experts,” Ukaegbu said.

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