“Die or run mad”: Lady who experienced swelling in her body discovers her close friend was responsible

A woman identified as @ladytee_thulie has taken to TikTok to share a harrowing video documenting her unsettling encounter with sudden and severe swelling in her head, eyes, and hands.

The shocking ordeal unraveled in a series of events that left the woman bewildered and seeking answers.

The distressing saga began with Ladytee experiencing an intense itching sensation on her scalp, a discomfort she initially attributed to her choice of hairstyle.

As the discomfort escalated into a worrisome swelling, she decided to take matters into her own hands and removed her hair in hopes of alleviating the discomfort.

However, to her dismay, the swelling did not abate; instead, her eyes became affected, exacerbating her distress. The sudden and alarming progression of her symptoms led some observers to mistakenly assume that she might have fallen victim to gender-based violence, further adding to her anguish.

The situation took an even more bewildering turn as the swelling continued to spread, this time affecting her hands. Faced with the unsettling nature of her symptoms and the lack of immediate explanation, Ladytee sought medical consultation to shed light on the cause of her alarming condition.

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The revelation she received from medical professionals was nothing short of shocking. Ladytee learned that someone close and dear to her was responsible for her distressing and baffling ordeal. A concerned individual, whom Ladytee referred to as a “helpful lady,” informed her that the intention behind her condition was to either drive her to the brink of losing her sanity or, worse, cause her demise.

Amidst the confusion and distress, Ladytee expressed her gratitude for the early realization of the situation, which allowed her to take appropriate steps towards recovery.

She said; “My head started itching thought it was my hairstyle, so decided to unplait.

The swelling got worse in the morning so I decided to cut my hair, My eyes started swelling, people thought I was a victim of GBV. Then my hands started, and I went to consult.

“Shockingly, was told it’s someone very close and dear to me that did it to me, The lady helped me and told me that, I was meant to either die or go mad. Thank God I stood up early. Baby girl was getting better.” 

See some of the reactions below;

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@HerRoyalHighness reacted: “I looked the exact same way when I had my allergic reaction to hair dye.”

@Chantal’s Anatomy said: “It’s an allergic reaction to something you ate or came in contact with.”

@t.tumzzz reacted: “My mom is currently experiencing this and I can’t stop praying, they also told her the very same thing that they told you!”

@Zinhle Pretty Sibisi commented: “This looks like an allergic reaction to something, you need to do an allergy test cos it will happen again, you will forever be consulting.”

@SHAMMY said: “Remember when my sister and I went to a well known healer to have a good laugh, she is allergic to fish and they said USHAYWE amadlozi.


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