Groups Empower Black Women’s Mental Wellness Worldwide

Igbawase Ukumba in Lafia

Women Empowering Nations (WEN) and Cantu Beauty recently hosted a virtual event, “Embrace Your Glow: Living a Soft Life, focusing on holistic mental wellness and self-care, especially in the context of Black Mental Health Month in the US.

The Embrace Your Glow initiative, with its focus on empowering black women’s mental wellness, brought a partnership between WEN, Cantu Beauty, and the GLOW Global Cohort to create a world where mental health is celebrated, valued, and nurtured.

The Embrace Your Glow’s virtual event which took place on July 29, 2023, therefore, provided a vital platform to address mental health challenges faced by the Black community worldwide.

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With a global panel of Black women mental health experts, the event offered valuable insights and strategies for nurturing well-being.

Before the virtual event, in-person gatherings took place in major cities worldwide, including Abuja – Nigeria, where the Afrocentric Paint and Jam event fostered creativity and wellness through artistic expression.

The Nigerian teams coach for GLOW Global Cohort 2023, Blessing Ahmodu, emphasized the importance of amplifying the voices of black women and girls.

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A cohort member, Diwura Williams, highlighted the event’s role in commemorating the global giveback day and easing stress while maintaining mental health.

A fellow for Women Empowering Nations, Oluwadamilola Akintewe, on her part praised the programme for fostering connections among women worldwide and making a profound impact.

Founder of WEN, Carlisha Williams Bradley, expressed the organisation’s commitment to cultivating holistic care for the next generation of executive leaders through personal and professional development programming, recognizing the significance of mental well-being on that transformative journey.

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