Nigerian man reveals what his mother told kidnappers who abducted her and demanded N1million ransom

A young man from Akwa Ibom State has celebrated his mother who regained freedom after she was abducted by kidnappers.

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According to him, the kidnappers demanded N1m ransom from his father but he told them that his wife would return home by 6 p.m.

When his mother eventually returned home, the woman said she told her abductors that she would have kidnapped her husband if he had such money.

“Kidnappers kidnapped my mum the said my father should pay one million my father say shi shi him no go pay, him no the kind of wife wey him married by 6:pm him wife go come back surprisingly 6:pm my mumsy waka enter compound. Everybody shock we say mumsy wetin u tell them. She said actually I advised them say if to say my husband get that one million na me for kidnap am first. Celebrate my mother,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Monday, September 4.

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