Imo guber: Why Imolites must vote – Ejikeme, stakeholder

As Imo State elects a new governor on Saturday, November 11, some have expressed reservations about going to vote, citing insecurity and the failure of previous voting exercises being a wasted effort, as rigging took the upper hand.
However, Chief Ejikeme Nwachukwu, who described himself a stakeholder in Imo affairs, said he had overcome that feeling and now decided to cast his ballot. He encouraged others to do likewise.
Explaining why he changed his mind, Ejikeme said: “I am a believer in democracy and always ensured that I voted during each election cycle. However, after the February be and March elections, my belief in the system was badly shaken and I told myself no more. What is the point wasting your time to vote when riggers still had their way?
“These last elections hurt my feelings badly. What they did to Peter Obi was despicable. The worst is that there is no more hope in the judiciary. I found it unbelievable that the Supreme Court gave the kind of verdict they gave, ignoring very glaring evidence of forgery and perjury. Even if we overlook the Chicago State University because, maybe, the evidence came late, what about the Government College certificate obtained in 1970 from a school that was established in 1974?
“In the March National and State assembly elections, the most unthinkable happened in broad daylight and Uzodinma or APC won the entire seats without the people’s votes.
“I don’t know the kind of conscience people have but that is by the way now.  One day, everyone will face the real judgement, then we shall know which court is truly supreme.
“However, I decided to vote on Saturday because of what I witnessed in the market yesterday. Some group of young men came pleading to people to come out and vote without fear of intimidation. I realised too that my missing one vote could actually enable this All Progressives Congress, APC, government to continue. God forbid!
“Uzodinma has done a lot of havoc in Imo State. Allowing him to continue is worse than suicide. So, I will vote and urge other Imolites to troop out and vote him out. The Labour Party is doing well and will do well. Obi and Abia governor, Alex Otti, were here yesterday to solicit for our votes. We will honour our leader, the real people’s president, by voting Labour Party. We will honour Otti by voting Labour Party because what Otti is doing in Abia, Achonu will replicate here in the spirit of the Labour Party.
“Achonu too deserves our votes. This is somebody we know. We know where he is coming from unlike shady characters that manipulated their way to power but do not know what to do with it.  Achonu is a doer and what he has done is speaking loudly in his favour. He will do much more for Ndi Imo if given the mandate, Ejikeme said.
Furthermore, Achonu said people should not feel intimidated to come out and vote, that there will adequate security. I believe him.
“Voting in this election and monitoring your vote up to the collation centre means a lot in voting out killings and general insecurity from Imo State.”

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